Monthly Archives: June 2015

Rebel Brews from Kentucky

What are the secrets to making a delicious, award-winning beer? Kevin Gibson knows where you can find the answer: the Alltech REBELation Brewing and Distilling symposium in Kentucky. Yes, Kentucky. While typically associated with horses and bourbon, Kentucky is making a name for itself in the beer world with a […]

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Sierra Nevada Dishes New Beer with Idaho Hops

What’s new at Sierra Nevada? Kevin Gibson explores the flavors of their latest release in the Harvest Series. The Single Hop Idaho 7 is so named because it uses an Idaho-grown hop for bittering and finishing. This gives the brew a clean fruity nose perfect for spring. Sierra Nevada’s Idaho […]

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3 Cheers for Whiskey + Beer

What does a whiskey/beer hybrid taste like? According to beer writer Kevin Gibson, daredevil drinkers are in for a lip-smacking surprise at Corsair Distillery. Finding himself in Bowling Green, KY, Gibson decided to sample the small-batch distillery’s specialty brews. Three varieties of whiskey distilled with hops. Hops- isn’t that for […]

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A New Taste from Beer Manufacturer Sierra Nevada

Once one of the few pale ales available, Sierra Nevada maintains its position as one of the best with nary a struggle. Even while craft beers vie for preeminence, Sierra Nevada knocks out reliable winners. The company seems dedicated to innovating brewing processes and ingredients, experimenting with small batches and […]

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