Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Best Beers for Summer

Batter up! Summer means heat, beaches, barbecues, and baseball. Celebrate your team’s highs and suffer through their lows with the appropriate brew. Brian Petro explores the best of local breweries all cross the country, just in case you find yourself at the out of town game. In heat soaked Arizona, […]

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What’s Brewing in Tennessee?

Something is brewing in historic Tennessee, and our partner blog, The Alcohol Professor investigates. At Tennessee Brew Works, a charming wood-meets-metal, multi-tiered beer bar close to downtown, you can watch the beer making magic while sampling some of the many varied Belgian, English and India styled ales. If you’ve come […]

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Scottish Brews to Try

This summer sees the release two new pale ales from Scottish Brewery, Innis and Gunn. Wait… Scottish beer? You may be more familiar with Scotch whiskey than Scotch ale, but the country’s beer is worth some exploration, and as Scotland’s Brewery of the Year 2014 (NY International Beer Competition) you […]

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